Sunday, 22 January 2017

Rosie for Autograph lipstick in Laugh Out Loud LOL

I've been dreaming of occasions to wear this glamorous lipstick, but with my life just being casual office wear, presentations and meetings with agencies, wearing a bright lipstick is frowned upon. This isn't the norm, by the way, just in case I've made you rethink corporate life - it's just this particular company that I work for, where wearing a novelty jumper embroidered with the brand you're working on is the height of sophistication. Yawn.

It is a bit annoying, which is probably why my weekend outfits and make-up are probably so over the top. Picnic at the local park? Chanel lipstick and a cocktail dress, right?

I felt that Rosie For Autograph collection deserved a real first outing, especially as the colour is so beautiful - both inside the packaging and out of it, so I waited until I had an evening do to rock this one. And it went down a treat!

You can tell that Rosie really took her inspiration from Charlotte Tilbury, because this collection really reminds me of the magnificent make-up mogul. From the gorgeous rose gold packaging to the products available, the Rosie For Autograph range is really a dupe for many Charlotte Tilbury products that are slightly out of your price range.

I was finding it difficult to choose a colour, but I thought I'd go all out for the first purchase in the range. Laugh Out Loud is a beautiful coral red. It's bright, vivacious and full of life, and yet not overbearing and certainly very light and creamy. It's a joyful red that is bound to lift any look and would look amazing as part of an evening out, or as a way to quickly glam up a Sunday outfit of grey jumper and ripped jeans. It's versatile - and that's what's great about this particular shade.

I love the heavy feel of the lipstick. Despite it being part of the Marks & Spencers range, Rosie For Autograph is pure elegance and the weight makes it feel like an upmarket purchase. 

The lipstick has a slight sheen to it, but it feels moisturising and wipes off like a dream if you're one of those scatty people that changes their mind a lot (like me!)

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: slight sheen, moisturising

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you want a Charlotte Tilbury dupe!

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