Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Butter - Lippy lip gloss in Macbeth

Raise your hands if you don't own a Butter London nail polish? Is your hand up? Well, what are you waiting for? If the hilariously named nail polishes haven't been enough to sway you, I'm hoping this review will.

I'm a sucker for funny names. When you get to the stage of having as many lip products as I do (423 an counting), you start to phase out the colours and just focus on other things, like how much does this lipstick name reflect my personality, or how will this name reflect the person I want to become? That sort of thing.

This was both the case with Butter's Macbeth and also not the case at all. Because the first thing I noticed is the deliciously candy coloured pink. The second thing was the gooey texture that would do wonders for a trout pout, and finally, the third was the name.

I'm not asking you to recall any Shakespeare from your school days, but when I think of Macbeth I think of magic, power and sweet, sweet revenge! This is why I was drawn to this lipgloss. I'm definitely not saying there's anyone or anything I have in mind from the revenge side of things, but what girl doesn't want to walk into a room and ooze power. Butter's Macbeth is the ultimate confidence dress-up in a dinky tube you can take anywhere.

I do steer clear of lip glosses because I'm not a fan of overly sticky textures and clear sheens, however Macbeth packs enough punch for me to use this multiple times. The texture is also thick, but definitely not sticky, making the lasting power of this Shakespearean named hero worth the purchase.

Colour Intensity: surprisingly high for a lipgloss

Finish: lots of shine!

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you want to chant to yourself "Out damned spot, out!" No, only kidding. You'll like this if you want a lipstick/lip gloss hybrid. The texture of a lip gloss with the colour power of a traditional lipstick.

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