Monday, 15 August 2016

Lipstick Queen - 7 Deadly Sins Lip Gloss in Indolence

If your deadly sin is laziness, this pretty lip gloss if for you. 

As much as I buy lipsticks and lip glosses based on their names, it's rare that their name would truly reflect what the colour is (unless it's something incredibly obvious like red...or something!) Lipstick Queen's Indolence really lives up to its name because if you're truly lazy with make-up, then this is your saviour.

I'm not saying laziness is a bad thing - I think laziness really pays off when it comes to make-up; think slept in smoky eyes and dabbed on red lips, and although Indolence isn't quite that strong, it's definitely enough to pick up your look.

The gloss is soft, non-sticky and the colour pay-off is actually higher than you would think. It doesn't last a long time but this is to be expected with lip glosses.

I've got a few of this delicious lip glosses and I can safely say that if lip glosses are your chosen lip accessory, you cannot go wrong with Lipstick Queen.

Colour Intensity: low

Finish: gloss

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you're a lip gloss fan and want a no-fuss lip product

Perfect for: lazy Sundays, every day, date night, days out

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