Monday, 27 June 2016

Beauty: 7 Days in 7 Lipsticks

I wear and buy a lot of lipsticks - most of which do not get reviewed straight away, so as a little glimpse into the ones you may not have seen on here before, I thought I would start a section on lipsticks I have been wearing for the week. I won't get too sentimental about my days, promise!

1. On Monday... I wore Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Pink Cushion

This delicate lipstick has become one of my favourites for the Summer and you can read the full review here - 

I wore this on a busy day at the office just to give my lips a pop of coral pink colour for the presentations ahead. This is moisturising, doesn't cake when it starts fading and is my Summer go-to for a colourful, casual day.

2. On Tuesday... I wore Lipstick Queen in Eden

I adore this lipstick. It's creamy, punchy and the sort of red that is pure Snow White. It has a dash of glitter so the bright colour really picks up in the sunshine. You can also dab this on for a colour treat, or load it on for pure indulgence.

Full review is here -

3. On Wednesday... I wore Bourjois Rouge Edition in Ravie En Rose

Bourjois have created bliss when they created these little lip souffles, and Ravie En Rose is my current favourite. Wednesday was another presentation day at work so I popped this on for a little brightness. It's the lightest in their range, but the coral is vivid enough to be ideal for Summer.

4. On Thursday... I wore Lancome Juicy Shaker in Cherry Symphony

I'm not sure why I haven't reviewed this yet because out of the Juicy Shakers I own, Cherry Symphony is by far my favourite. I had to go to a dinner after work, so this little bundle of joy took me from drabby office geek to evening chic in no time at all. The colour is really noticeable and so moisturising - definitely a glamorous gloss.

5. On Friday... I wore MAC Satin lipstick in Twig

I have only just reviewed this fabulous lipstick here , but I wore Twig on Friday night when it was my birthdaaaaaay!!! This plumful rosie nude was the perfect compliment to my natural blush and smokey eyes.

6. On Saturday... I wore Nars Audacious in Anna

This is actually incredibly similar in colour to Twig and I'll be reviewing this incredibly soon, but although Anna may be similar in shade, it's finish is completely different. Where Twig is creamy, Nars' Anna is silky velvet which dries to a semi-matte. The colour is also ever so slightly deeper but just as beautiful. Anna's outing only lasted for ten minutes as I chose the worst time possible to leave the house and found myself in a torrential downpour. Honestly, by the time I got back home it looked like I'd been dipped in the bath. But the lipstick stood still despite the rest of my make-up abandoning my face.

7. On Sunday... I wore The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Honest

This is my favourite The Balm lip product. The colour of a peachy orange is stunning and perfect for any season. It also lasts an incredibly long time without cracking. One application took me through breakfast, brunch and lunch (had a top up before dinner) in London. So definitely one to choose if you have a busy day. Here's the full review -

I'd love to hear which lipsticks you've been wearing so let me know!

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