Saturday, 14 May 2016

Lipstick Queen - Frog Prince Lip Gloss

After the wonder of the lipstick version of Frog Prince - review found here - I'm so glad Lipstick Queen have decided to make this a collection. What's even more exciting is that for the first time ever, the lip mogul has ventured outside of its comfort zone and has created its first blush, all in the magical Frog Prince formula. 

Inspired by one of the best known fairytales, the collection is a magical transformation, just like its name sake. The stunning emerald green reacts to your lips pH balance and transforms into your very own version of a beautiful rose bud pink. 

The epitome gloss of showing you that you shouldn't believe everything you see has launched a year after its lipstick counterpart took the world by storm and was a sell-out in so many stores. I think this will be even more popular with its dazzling green flecks effect that add another dimension to your look. 

What's even more impressive is that this enchanting gloss contains a load of lip treats to soothe and transform as well as looking show-stoppingly stunning. It contains natural oils, Shea butter and Maxi-lip, a natural protein that gives you a plumper pout. Amazing! 

Now let's talk about the blush. If you're a follower of this blog you will know that I'm a huge Lipstick Queen fan, so you can imagine my utter excitement when I heard a beautiful cheek tint would be joining the collection. 

When you open up the pink compact, the green is hard to avoid, but as soon as on your skin, you will notice it quickly transform to a graceful pink. 

My only advice is to not overload it. Like all tints it's very difficult to undo, so make sure you have some colour corrector at hand.

Colour Intensity: medium

Finish: gloss

Overall Rating: 5/5 - it really is magical!

You'll like this if: you like the element of surprise 

Perfect for: all occasions. You can't go wrong with products that convert to your very own perfect pink shade! 

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