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Beauty - The Best Lip Balms

Your lipstick will never look as good as when your lips are nourished, soft and supple, so I thought I would share with you my top lip balms that I cannot do without. They are all different and vary in price, so there should be something here for everyone.

Best Lip Balm for Lip Plumping

Rodial Glam Balm Lip - £19 RRP

Rodial is known for its amazing skin care range, but if you like its luxury skin care, the Glam Balm Lip is a must-try. Unlike so many other plumping balms and glosses that leave that uncomfortable tingle, this lip drenching treatment gives you a natural pout, without that annoying sting on your lips.

The texture is very similar to petroleum jelly so if you like the texture of Vaseline but with lots more goodness, then this is the lip balm for you.

Best Scented Lip Balm

The Body Shop Honeymania Lip Balm - £4 RRP

I really love going to The Body Shop because it feels like a dreamy pick n' mix place of scents! It's always a glorious experience, and the lip balms and butters are no exception. Over the years, my dressing table has never been without a lip balm from this place - the scent may be different each time but no matter what I always end up lavishing my lips with a Body Shop lip balm.

My current favourite is Honeymania. If you like sweet treats, your lips will love you for using this. It has a gorgeous fragrance, drenches thirst-quenched lips, and is very purse-friendly too. Brilliant!

Best Luxury Lip Balm

By Terry Buame de Rose Nutri-Couleur in Cherry Bomb - £35.50 RRP

I have reviewed this little beauty on here before, so if you want to see the full review, you can find it here -

Okay, so it's definitely on the spenny side for a lip balm, but as you may have noticed in the blogosphere, you can never go wrong with By Terry products.

Baume de Rose coloured lip balms come in an array of different shades, so if Cherry Bomb is a little too bright for you, you can always opt for Rosy Babe or Mandarina.

As well as the amazing colour, this lipstick has a great scent and is filled with goodness so it will sort out neglected lips instantly.

Best Organic Lip Balm

EOS Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm in Honeysuckle - £6.50 RRP

It's hard not to come across EOS lip balms these days. Stretching outside of drugstores, you can happily find these little coloured pods in Topshop, River Island and so many other high street stores.

The great thing is that EOS balms are 100% natural so you can rely on these beauties to take care of your lips.

My favourite is Honeysuckle, but they come in so many different flavours that you'll undoubtedly find something you'll love. It's also very affordable. Win!

Best Tinted Lip Balm

Rituals La Vie En Rose Smooth Colour Gloss in Pale Pink - £8.50 RRP

I have only recently found Rituals and among their lovely body products lie a few lip treats too. I adore this one because it's effortless, conditions your lips and leaves behind a lovely subtle colour.

The shade is actually more of a nude than a pink and it's designed to enhance your natural lip colour. This reminds me a lot of Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors, but without the hefty price tag.

If you like glossy balms, then this is the one for you.

Best for Chapped Lips

Evelom Kiss Mix - £16 RRP

If your lips have been feeling neglected at the moment and are past the point of no return, then Evelom's Kiss Mix is the lip balm for you. I have sworn by this for so many years. It has got me through many cold winters and my lips are very grateful for it.

Kiss Mix feels medicated - it has that gentle menthol kick, is very creamy and rich and within hours banishes dry flakes leaving behind baby soft lips.

This is one to keep by your bedside and indulge your lips with each night so that you wake up with the perfect pout.

Best for Sun Protection

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Original - £1.99 RRP

As well as being perfect for those coin-conscious girls among us, Palmer's Cocoa Butter lip balm has SPF 15 so it's ideal for the Summer. We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun, but we never consider lips to fall into this category too. Now, you can have beautifully nourished lips while protecting them from sun damage. It smells pretty great as well!

Best "All Rounder" Lip Balm

By Terry Baume de Rose - £39 RRP

It's a very luxury purchase, but I have stuck by the lip balm for years and have no desire to switch any time soon. This is creamy, beautifully fragranced and is a great base for lipsticks.

I bought this a year ago and despite using it almost every day, there's till plenty left in the pot so the investment was worth every penny.

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