Saturday, 9 April 2016

Urban Decay - Gwen Stefani Collection in Firebird

It's no real surprise that a lipstick collection created by Gwen Stefani would have so many shades of red. The queen of 90s rock definitely knew how to wear a red lip and soon her scarlet pout became her signature look that we all wanted to emulate.

If you did the whole Gwen Stefani red lip, thin arched eyebrows and peroxide hair back in '03, then no need to worry. Among the crimson, the collection has one stunning violet pink shade called Firebird. 

This beautiful pink has a sheen of iridescent blue flecks that create a lovely 3D effect. The colour is unlike anything else I've seen, and the pigment is unparalleled. 

Be careful when applying because it does not easily come off. While the rich pigment means it's very long lasting, this lipstick requires quick decision making - if you apply and change your mind, good luck to you! 

The finish feels moisturising but you do need to apply a lip pencil as the colour does bleed outside of the Cupid's bow. 

Colour Intensity: high

Finish: rich, intense colour with shine

Overall Rating: 2/5 - I love the colour, the brand and the longevity, but you need to scrub hard to get this off you, which isn't for me 

You'll like this if: you want a unique violet pink that stays put

Perfect for: nights out / not reapplying for a few hours / with Benefit's Dandelion powder blush

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