Friday, 25 March 2016

Lancôme - Juicy Shaker in Mint To Be

You've got to love a new innovation in lip products. For us lipstick lovers it's like a new iPhone coming out that does something completely different to your last one. You may not necessarily queue overnight to get your hands on it, but you will show it to everyone until they want to throw it (and you) across the room.

If you're a child of the 90's and the 00's you would surely remember the Lancôme Juicy Tubes, right? I remember back in 2004 when my friends and I would congratulate each other as soon as we announced we had purchased a Juicy Tube (lip glosses were big discussion topics back then). For a young teen, this was a monumentous occasion as it was the first lip gloss you would have that didn't come from Bliss magazine.

Roll on to the age of 27 and Lancôme have released the Juicy Shaker - a beautiful love child of the Lancôme 1945 cocktail shaker lipstick and the signature Juicy Tubes. 

Mint To Be is probably not the best colour to promote this on, but Juicy Shakers promise the gloss and moisturising ability of lip glosses, but with colour of a lipstick.

I grabbed Mint To Be because it's limited edition and it has been a while (since that free lipgloss in Bliss magazine) since I have owned a truly clear lipgloss. 

You begin with shaking it to mix the colour and the oil together, and then unscrew the top and gently dab the coloured soaked sponge nib on your lips. The other colours can be built up for something stronger, making this a very versatile lip tool. If you're feeling truly daring, you can even mix different Juicy Shakers to get unique colours. Each has a specific fragrance so you can create your very own fruity lip cocktail.

Mint To Be smells gorgeous - a soft menthol fragrance that leaves a little tingle on your lips. It also contains an iridescent sheen so it does trace your lips with subtle glimmer.

This isn't one for colour lovers, but if you want a lip gloss that softens your lips, this oil-infused, non-greasy make-up wonder is ideal.

Only downfall is that it doesn't last very long, but that's expected from a gloss.

Colour Intensity: well, none! 

Finish: glossy with a menthol kick

Overall Rating: 4/5 - it does exactly what it says in the tin. You shake it, and it smells juicy.

You'll like this if: you're a minimalist with expensive taste

Perfect for: every day

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