Sunday, 14 February 2016

Urban Decay - Gwen Stefani Collection in Ex-Girlfriend

Firstly, let me just say how much I love Gwen Stefani. I think we all need to take a few seconds and admire the women who had the exact mix of rock attitude, amazing talent, fashion, beauty and a bit of "I don't care what you think of me". No Doubt were one of my favourite bands growing up (as I liked to think I was super punk rock listening to music from the 90s) and Gwen mixed with Urban Decay is bound to make history.

With the success of the eye shadow pallet in 2015, you can see why the lipsticks would be such a massive hit. The collection is limited to gorgeous reds and some pinks, but among the brightness lies the demure, nude shade called Ex-Girlfriend. When you think of Gwen Stefani, you always think of her trademark red lip look, so it's no surprise the collection holds only one nude, but Ex-Girlfriend is all you need.

The texture is very sheer - a water based coating, it leaves your lips looking well moisturised with a touch of a honey-coloured hue. It's definitely an every day lipstick, but because Gwen Stefani is very pale, I'd say this lipstick suits fairer skin tones a little better.

If the name seems a bit of a mystery, it's based on a No Doubt song. Since I got the lipstick, I've been walking around the house singing "I kinda always knew I'd end up your ex-girlfriend" which is leaving my boyfriend bemused. If you don't know the don't, check it out! 

Colour Intensity: very low

Finish: sheen - gloss like

Overall Rating: 4/5

You'll like this if: you want a simple, moisturising nude

Perfect for: every day, casual look, the office, first dates 

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