Monday, 27 July 2015

Lipstick Queen - Hello Sailor Lip Gloss

A few years ago, one of my favourite lipstick brands brought out a new lipstick which cemented them in the cosmetics industry.  While that lipstick was not strong in texture or colour, it was new, brave and irresistible. That little lipstick was Hello Sailor by Lipstick Queen. See my review here - 

Hello Sailor started the trend of personilisation and now everyone wants that perfect lipstick suited to them. And the lip gloss version is no different.

Mixed in that same chameleon formula, Hello Sailor Lip Gloss is big, bad and blue! Using the wand, you can place this mesmerising formula on your lips for your perfect violet shade. It then gradually adapts so that no matter what, you are the perfect match. 

The texture is lovely and glossy, but not sticky. If you loved Hello Sailor the first time around, you will love this! Oh, and it even has very fine blue sparkles, which as you can imagine, got me very excited indeed. Plus, blue pigments make teeth whiter.

On me, the colour changed from a very subtle violet sheen to a violetty pink after about ten minutes.

The tube is also lovely and different to anything out there. 

Colour Intensity: sheer, but colour is slightly more prominent after a few minutes

Finish: glossy with high shine

Overall Rating: 4/5 - I would have liked the hue to be a touch more lively

You'll like this if: you loved Hello Sailor in lipstick form and/or you want to meet your true violet shade 

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