Saturday, 25 July 2015

Butter - Bloody Brilliant lip crayon in Ruby Murray

Butter is not a brand I have ever bought into - apart from their nail polishes, the the rest of the cosmetics have not drawn me. However, the stunning rich burgundy shade in the Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon range got me instantly! 

If the name Butter 'London' was not enough of a hint, this cosmetics range in quintessentially British, and for the non-Brits out there, this seductive shade is not named after the 40s singer called Ruby Murray. If you dig out a British slang dictionary, Ruby Murray translates to curry!  So there you have it - you have learnt something new today.

Anyway, the lip crayon range come in cute packaging, and once opened up you'll see that the lid is a handy sharpener. This put this product instantly in my good books because not enough lip crayons out there have this. 

Once on the lips, however, my opinion started to take a different turn. The colour is gorgeous, but the texture is so creamy that I used up the entire tip on one application. Just as well it comes with a sharpener then!

Texture aside, the shade is gorgeous, incredibly hydrating and long lasting. It's glossy enough to wear in the summer, but the epic dark berry hue means you can also save it for winter. I would definitely buy another shade, but would use it sparingly. 

Colour Intensity: incredibly high

Finish: creamy and glossy

Overall Rating: 3/5

You'll like this if: you want a luxury, vivid lip crayon for seductive date nights

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